NA8 Multi Purpose Combo Kit

NA8 Multi Purpose Combo Kit

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RM’s Multi Purpose Panel Kit for the NA8 (1994-1997) Miata Roadster addresses an often overlooked area of the dash with a high quality aluminum or stainless steel bezel and functional toggle switch sub-panel, vented panel, logo panel, and blank panel (to be used at your discretion). Each piece can be purchased separately, or as a complete kit.

Complete Kit includes:

  • 1x Main Bezel.

  • 5x sub panels

  • 5x sub panel mounting bezel

  • 1x knurled dimmer assembly with indicator.

  • 3x toggle switches.

  • 7x stainless steel machine screws

Note: Individual sub-panels are only available in aluminum. If you want stainless sub-panels, you must order the complete stainless kit.

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