NA Dip Stick Knob

NA Dip Stick Knob

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Version 2 Oil Dip Stick Knobs featured a lower profile, knurled or smooth design that fits around your fingers.


1x Dip Stick Knob (handcrafted to order)

Handle Finish:
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As the years go by, the inevitable happens… the dreaded broken dip stick loop falls apart in your hands during a routine oil level check. We have a solution to fix that without impeding Mazda’s intended measurement scale. Introducing the version 2 Oil Dip Stick Knob for the NA Miata Roadster. This product features a shorter, and wider knob design then the Version 1. The wider knob design makes it easier to get a grip on the dip stick. It is also made from aluminum, so no more broken handles.

Available for NA Miata Roadsters only.

Note: The handmade dip stick knob is designed to be held in place with super glue. Just a dap on top, insert and twist, then let it set for 30 minutes. Please allow 3 days from the time of purchase for manufacturing.