Foot Well Light Kit

Foot Well Light Kit

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The Foot Well Lighting Kit for the NA & NB Mazda Miata Roadster is designed to be a stand alone item, but it will also work with the NA Map Light Kit.

Finish Options: Aluminum | Stainless Steel

Kit Includes:

  • 2x Back Mounting Plate

  • 2x Front Bezel

  • 2x 18 SMD LED Panel (pre-wired plug & play with NA Map Light Kit)

  • 8x Stainless steel machined screws

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  • Stand Alone Kit is designed to be used by itself, and is not plug&play. Some wiring is needed. Compatible with NA & NB cars.

  • MAP LIGHT COMP kits work with the RM NA Map Light Kit.

Note: the OEM opening under the cover is not standard. Therefore you may need to trim a bit of the plastic in order for the screw to pass through to the back mounting bezel.