NA Miata Map Light

NA Miata Map Light

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RM’s vision of a replacement assembly for the NA dash mount map/knee light. This particular bezel features dual toggle switches (one to control the knee light, and one to control an optional glovebox light w/ indicator), and powered by an 18 LED panel. A single toggle bezel is also available.

  • SINGLE TOGGLE BEZELS function exactly like the OEM assembly.

  • DUAL TOGGLE BEZELS function exactly like the OEM assembly, and also have provisions for RM Glovebox Light integration.

  • Finishes includes both 6061 aluminum, and stainless steel.

  • Prices listed are for a single light assembly (except: NA6 Combo Kits)

NOTE: Early generation US (NA6) non-passenger side airbag dashes came with 2 map lights. You will need to order the NA6 Combo Kit if you want both sides.

NA6 Combo Kits come with your choice of:

  • Combo Kit Single Toggle - both sides feature a single toggle switch bezel assembly, just like the OEM set up. Both Aluminum and Stainless Steel finishes available.

  • Combo Kit Dual Toggle - Passenger side features a dual toggle bezel assembly with provision for an optional glove box light. The driver side features a single toggle bezel assembly. Both Aluminum and Stainless steel finishes available.

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RM’s retro inspired  map light assembly for the NA Miata features a  SMB panel rated at 300 lumens. For reference, the OEM incandescent bulb is rated at around 50 lumens.

The kit comes in two flavors

  • Single Toggle Bezel – for those who want OEM style functionality.

  • Dual Toggle Bezel – for those who want a bit more flair in their interior. This bezel will also work with the optional glove box light kit.

Available Materials:

  • 6061 Aluminum

  • 304 Stainless Steel

NA6 style dash (w dual maps lights on either side of the tombstone)

  • 2x Map light bezel kits

NA8 style dash (w/ single map light on passenger side of tombstone)

  • 1x Map light bezel kit