Simplicity Spark Plug Cover

Simplicity Spark Plug Cover


Fitment 1.6 and 1.8 NA/NB (1989-2000 only)

Finish: Media Blasted Satin (Frosted glass look)

Kit includes:

  • 1x Plug Cover for NA/NB Miata Valve Covers (1989-2000 only)

  • 3x M6 stainless steel bolts

  • 3x delrin spacers

Chassis Option:
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By popular demand, RM USA is proud to offer an affordable solution to hiding those ugly plug wires on the Miata’s valve cover. Our simple, minimalist design brings order to an otherwise chaotic engine bay.

Why is the cover unfinished? Because at RM, we want to help the customer obtain that special look for their car that can only come with doing their own finishing touches. Why pay for finish work when you’re just going to paint over it anyway? Most customers prefer to keep the media blasted look for that minimalist feel.

But if you’re not the modding type, do not fear, we also offer complete, powder coated and painted versions too! Send custom finish requests to