Foot Well Light Stand-Alone Wiring

NA & NB stand alone hard wire instructions.

NA/NB Miata Wiring Instruction:

  1. You will need to identify two wires in order for this to work; a main power (+12v), and the door trigger wire.

    • NA - Look for the factory Map/Knee Light harness and identify the Red (+12v) and the White (door trigger) wires. Using the supplied in-line connectors, attach the Red wire from the RM Foot Well harness to the Red wire of the factory harness. Connect the Black wire from the RM Foot Well harness to the White wire of the factory harness.

    • NB - Run a set of wires (two wires of different color) from the Foot Well lights over to the driver’s side kick panel.

      • You will need to disassemble the kick panel and look for a White w/ Red stripe wire. This is your door trigger, and will provide the necessary ground signal.

      • Look for the factory radio harness, and identify the BLUE/RED wire. This is your main +12v to your Foot Well Lights. Connect the Red wire from the Foot Well Light harness to this wire.

Note: If you already own the RM Map Light Kit for NA Miata, just plug the Foot Well light directly into the red color plug coming off the back of the Map Light harness.