Talon Hardtop Security System

Talon Hardtop Security System

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Talon Hardtop Security System for factory hardtops with OEM latches.

Note: Will not work with aftermarket brackets. Locks with different keys are the most secure, albeit not as convenient.

Available for:

  • Mazda Miata Roadster (1989-2005)

  • Toyota Mr2-Spyder (1999-2007)

Each lock assembly comes with:

  • 1x Anchor Plate

  • 1x Upper Claw

  • 1x Lock Cylinder w/ 2 keys

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If you value your expensive hardtop, then you need a way to secure it! RetroModern, USA is happy to announce that in conjunction with our partners, we are now able to offer a stylish and effective hardtop security system. We present to you, the TALON Hardtop Security System.

The original designed TALON H.S.S. features a low profile, sleek and symmetrical design that allow attachment to either side of the vehicle. This simple approach has allowed us to focus on the more important aspects of the product, like using a higher grade of aluminum, improving the overall look, and fit & finish of the product.

The TALON H.S.S. system comes with a base plate that is bolted on top of your existing strikers, utilizing your existing OEM bolts, and serves as the anchor to which the upper claw section slides into. The slotted mesh design ensures a tight fit, and strong deterrent against prying. Tying all of this together is a high quality lock that sits inside the upper claw section, and is fully protected against tampering.

NOTE: The Talon locks will NOT fit with more recent late 2017 – 2019 Hard Dog HardCore HT roll bars. We have had a number of reports that the bar interferes with the mounting of the Talon locks. Hard Dog themselves have admitted that the factory strikers need to be trimmed in order to fit their roll bars. This means that the Talon locks will also need to be modified to fit. We will be working on a revised version of the Talon locks going forth.